Hydrography covers a wide range of sensors and acquisition systems, which meet the requirements of inland water coastal and sea trade applications.

Epave du Gobetas levée au sondeur multifaisceaux

Hydrography groups together a wide range of sensors and measurement systems, of which the applications cover many inland water, port, coastal or sea trades.
There are many hydrographic applications which include diverse and varied constraints linked to high yield precision measurements, detection, spot or long term analysis, safety, navigation, in highly varied environments: inland waters, coasts or open seas.
One of the main applications is Bathymetry – the measurement of georeferenced water height – that groups together several sensors, mainly the single or multibeam sensor, the GNSS RTK receiver, the attitude or inertial system, the CTD or SVP probe, as well as the software suite used to synchronise all the sensors, acquire real time bathymetric data and post-process it (scrubbing, map publication, etc.).

These measurement systems can come in the form of complex systems, a multibeam system on a bathymetric motor launch, or in the form of a compact integrated system such as the BALI.