Integrated Hydrographic Pack latest installations

The Integrated Hydrographic Pack is a complete turn-key solution for any bathymetric survey vessel

Cadden has just expanded its offer to « Integrated Hydrographic Pack », a turnkey solution for hydrographic vessel equipment.

It is a fully integrated system consisting of 3 essential pieces of equipment for high precision bathymetric survey:
•    a R2Sonic multibeam echosounder – bathymetric core system,
•    an IMU (Inertial Motion Unit) which delivers heading, roll, pitch and heave data,
•    a DGPS receiver for accurate positioning.

All the electronic is designed in a single rack, fully cabled and located in the wheelhouse giving the hydrograph’s crew a very close access.

This Integrated Hydrographic Pack gives a twin interest for the actors of the naval sector: shipyards save a precious time on their project and end users have now a high-tech hydrographic system. Besides, this turnkey solution is completed on the field by training course in real conditions by the Cadden team.
Cadden initialized this new approach thanks to the order received from DEAL, for a complete hydrographic vessel based at La Reunion Island.

More recently, Rouen harbour and Ports Normands Associés (Ouistreham & Caen), via respectively Allais and AASM shipyards just come to choose the Integrated Hydrographic Pack for the equipment of their new hydrographic survey vessels.