Lidar 3D Velodyne

360° 3D LIDAR sensors, for robotics navigation and 3d mobile mapping applications.

The Lidar sensors in the Velodyne line are unique solutions by the simultaneous use of several laser beams, their compactness and their ability to scan 360° at high speed (up to 20Hz).

All these sensors include Double-Echo technology, especially making it possible to pass through plant cover.

LIDAR sensors are specially suited to all robotics applications, autonomous vehicles, industrial applications requiring 3D detection (obstacle detection, intrusion detection, etc.) and dynamic high density reading applications, especially for airborne drones thanks to their reduced size.

 The line includes the following versions:

  • VLP-16 Puck
  • VLP-16 Puck LITE
  • VLP-16 Puck HR
  • VLP-32C
  • HDL-32E
  • HDL-64E