GNSS receiver, compass and OEM boards

Récepteurs GNSS, compas GNSS, ainsi que cartes GNSS (version OEM) dédiées à l'intégration pour un positionnement précis de qualité en toutes circonstances.

Our catalogue covers a wide range of GNSS solutions (Global Navigation Satellite System), including finished products (receiver and compass) as well as boards to be built into your own systems (OEM). Whatever the application, one of our GNSS solutions will meet its needs.

Many parameters can be used to define the product you are looking for.

  • Measurement accuracy: metric, submetric, decimetric and centimetric (RTK for Real Time Kinematic);
  • Use of constellations: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS…;
  • Geographic coordinate calculation speed: from 1Hz to 50Hz (from 1 to 50 measurements per second);
  • Mechanical installation constraint: weight, size, connection types (Serial RS232/422, Ethernet) etc.
  • Use environment: clear skies, urban canyon, plant cover, plain, mountainous area, etc.
  • Type of application: land, sea, air.

The decimetric and real time kinetics readings require the use of differential corrections available in several forms:

  • RTK via UHF (a 2nd GNSS receiver in the UHF range) for an accuracy of 0.8cm;
  • RTK via the GSM/GPRS service for an accuracy of 2cm;
  • RTK via the Trimble RTX Center Point (L-Band) signal for an accuracy of 4cm;
  • RTK via the ATLAS (L-Band) signal for an accuracy of 10cm.