GNSS OEM boards

Cartes GNSS à intégrer pour calcul de points et de cap.

For all projects requiring precision GNSS satellite positioning, there are several solutions available: small, low consumption boards, multi-constellation boards, compatibility with differential correction systems of the Omnistar, Marinestar, ATLAS, Trimble RTX, RTK UHF, RTK GSM/GRPS, etc. types. Our catalogue covers the Hemisphere GNSS and Trimble Intech lines, thereby offering a wide range of references to cater to all needs.

GNSS Compass boards make it possible to provide a highly accurate geographical heading measurement using 2 or even 3 GNSS antennas to combine the geographical bearing calculation and the attitude measurement, more or less distant, or even directly built into the board itself. This type of GNSS product meets the dynamic orientation needs of mobiles, whether for sea, land or air uses, but also to help orienting antennas, wind turbines or steering, using the roll and pitch data that is also available.

The OEM version allows you to build in this product taking into account your own use and installation constraints.