GNSS receiver

The GNSS receivers group together all the GNSS satellite positioning solutions built-into boxes

GNSS receivers are available in different forms and provide different levels of performances and interfacing:

  • Compact “All in the antenna” system or box with a separate antenna;
  • Submetric, decimetric and centimetric accuracy GNSS receiver;
  • Post-processing RTK calculation using differential calculations with GSM, UHF or by satellite (L-Band);
  • High speed (up to 50Hz) calculation of a position, a heading or an attitude (position, heading, roll and pitch);
  • Serial connection, Ethernet
  • Black box or receiver with screen…

This multitude of solutions makes it possible to cater for all projects requiring quality georeferencing in varied environments (air, land, sea) and all types of application:

  • measurement georeferencing from a hydrographic motor launch,
  • navigation assistance using a drone or an autonomous vehicle,
  • topographical readings,
  • coupling of antennas, platforms,
  • network and infrastructure mapping
  • machinery guidance, aso…