Mesure de hauteurs d'eau géoréférencée.

The echosounder is the core of the bathymetrics system and has different variants:

  • singlebeam or multibeam,
  • single frequency or variable frequency,
  • use in shallow water up to very deep water,
  • installation on board a ship or ROV/AUV, etc.

Our catalogue contains the solutions from the main global leaders: R2Sonic, Knudsen, but also the products developed by Cadden: BALI.

In addition to a sounder, a bathymetrics system requires at least a GNSS receiver, such as our BALI RTK system. For more advanced systems, especially R2Sonic multibeam systems, the attitude or inertial systems are added to compensate the ship’s movements, the CTD probe used to adjust the acoustic sensors to the water parameters (salinity, temperature, etc.), and the QPS Qinsy  software suite to synchronise all the sensors.