Scientific echosounder

Batymetric survey associated to aquatic habitat analysis

The specificity of scientific sounders is to provide an in-depth analysis of acoustic signals, making genuine detection and assessment of sub-marine flora and fauna possible.

This equipment comes in the form of multifrequency bathymetric sounders, to which are added a software suite to post-process the acoustic measurements for:

  • halieutic management (biomass measurement, fish identification and counting, etc.)
  • seabed classification
  • sub-marine flora mapping (size, surface area, etc.)

The post-processing software suite from Biosonics includes the following modules:

  • Visual Acquisition, for real time acquisition, viewing, recording and replay
  • Visual Analyzer to study fish, plankton and more generally sub-marine fauna
  • EcoSav for sub-marine flora analysis
  • VBT, for seabed classification and bathymetrics.

Other software modules are available to complete this toolbox.

The frequencies available depending on the transducers cover the 38 kHz to 1000 kHz range.

An autonomous and watertight version provides the possibility of long term measurements, whether the system is placed on the sea bed for vertical measurements, or sloped for horizontal measurements.