Miniature inertial sensor

Gamme de centrales inertielles miniatures, combinant la miniaturisation grâce à la technologie MEMS et les mesures de qualité par Filtre de Kalman.

Our line of miniature inertial systems is based on MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical System) in order to provide highly compact sensors, thereby catering for all types of application, from attitude measurement for a vehicle in 3D space, drone navigation, movement capture, antenna orientation, etc.

The internal Kalman filter, especially developed by the Dutch company Xsens, allows the sensors to convert MEMS raw data in real time into quality orientation data stable over time.

Different interfaces are available to cater to all situations: RS232, RS422, Ethernet CAN

Some sensors versions from SBG Systems accept external data from sensors such as GNSS, odometers, DVL,aso…