Geosciences sensors

Based in Nantes since its foundation in 1999, Cadden is a well-knowed French company specialised in high-accurate measurement sensors and systems ofr all Geoscineces applications.

The business distributes renowned brands (R2Sonic, Xsens, Trimble, Velodyne, Klein Marine Systems…), and offers products and services in many fields:

  • hydrography,
  • oceanography,
  • photogrammetry,
  • GNSS satellite positioning,
  • Mobile Mapping…

Our catalogue of products and systems covers a wide spectrum of specialised sensors for the most leading edge measurement applications:

  • GNSS receivers and compass (SPNA, Trimble, Hemisphere GNSS),
  • attitude and inertial systems (Xsens, SBG Systems, Ixblue),
  • single and multibeam echosounders (Cadden, R2Sonic),
  • acoustic cameras (Coda Octopus),
  • side scan sonars (Klein Marine Systems)
  • 3D Lidar (Velodyne, Neptec, Renishaw)…

Big names trust us to sell their products, but also our capacity to provide complete solutions: sensors, training, maintenance and technical support.