Integrated Hydro Pack

Besides our GEOD Bali system, CADDEN has developped a turnkey solution for hydrographic vessel equipment.

Turnkey solution for bathymetric survey vessel, the Integrated Hydrographic Pack, designed by Cadden, is a fully integrated system consisting of 3 essential pieces of equipment:

  • a R2Sonic multibeam echosounder – bathymetric core system,
  • an IMU (Inertial Motion Unit) which delivers heading, roll, pitch and heave data,
  • a DGNSS RTK receiver for accurate positioning.

All the electronic is designed in a single rack, fully cabled and located in the wheelhouse giving the hydrograph’s crew a very close access.

The Integrated Hydro Pack offers several advantages:

  • shipyards don’t have to spend times in sourcing the sensors, and taking huge time about the integration
  • end-users can access a high-tech complete hydrographic system.

As project manager in partnership with our customers, Cadden’s provides training on site.

Customers case

Our customer cases offer overview of real projects for different applications.