PilotSTAR, balise de positionnement RTK multimobiles commercialisée par Fugro TOPNAV, est une solution d'aide à la navigation et à l'accostage de précision, en applications marines offshores.

Developed to-measure based on GEOD, our smart antenna, the PilotSTAR system, which is sold by Fugro Topnav, includes a network of GEOD antennas that communicate using a UHF network for high precision fleet management.

A complete PilotSTAR system includes 2 GEOD boxes on the tanker (including the reference station), a 3rd on the FPSO (supplying weather and oceanographic data), a 4th on an instrumented buoy, each having its own battery-pack and UHF radio-modem. The network is designed so that each antenna can communicate with the others.

The pilot on board the tanker retrieves a position accurate to the nearest centimetre and a heading during the FPSO approach phase, and simultaneously receives the data from instrumented buoys (currents, hawser tension, etc.), allowing offshore operations to be conducted in optimum safety conditions.

For all further information about the PilotSTAR system, please go to the Fugro web site.