GNSS smart antenna with real-time GNSS and INS data fusion

G-NAV is part of GEOD®, the products deisgned and manufatured by Cadden. G-NAV is a system that combines accurate GNSS positioning (X, Y and Z) and attitude measurement (Heading, Roll, Pitch) in the same box. All this data is permanently required for navigation.

The first G-NAV advantage is the absence of lever arm management between the GNSS receiver and the miniature IMU system, as the 2 sensor installations are fixed and joined together.

G-NAV, fully designed by Cadden, is proposed with a wide range of performance choices:

  • there are several GNSS receiver versions available: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, with submetric (SBAS) to centimeter accuracies (RTK).
  • the miniature IMU system, using MEMS technology, is proposed with several levels of accuracy: from 2° to 0.1° attitude, with the possibility of keeping the position for several dozen seconds.

In cases where the IMU system magnetometers are not sufficiently robust for the electro-magnetic environment, the Heading can be obtained by adding an external antenna for a calculation using a GNSS compass, thereby guaranteeing the measurement, even when static.

Compactness is also a strength, the power supply and the data transit through a single Ethernet POE cable (Power On Ethernet).

The internal Webserver has the functions to configure and track the measurements, therefore eliminating the need for any external software.

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