Lidar 3D Neptec

Capteurs LIDAR 3D longue portée, avec capacité de pénétration des nuages de poussières, brouillard, pluie.

The OPAL 3D laser sensors in the Neptec line are unique by their capacity to scan in the most disturbed environments, and more especially through dust clouds, rain, fog, etc. and at long ranges.

The OPAL lidars are highly robust sensors that are perfectly suited to static installations or to mobiles subject to extreme working conditions without any special fittings. The measurements are centimetre accurate with a maximum capacity of 200,000 points per second.

This line includes sensors of varying performances: 360° scan or 120° scan, range up to 4000m, etc.

The 3DRi software suite available for OPAL Lidars, offers real time detection, tracking, identification etc. functions. An SDK makes it possible to adapt applications to each discipline.