Produits R&D Cadden

Based on its extensive experience of the sale and integration of high precision measurement sensors, CADDEN has designed its own product line GEOD, in order to be able to propose bespoke highly technical solutions.

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To meet its clients’ increasingly complex requests, CADDEN created a Research & Development department to design innovating bespoke solutions.

Since 2009, this R&D department has mainly developed the GEOD product line, based on a smart GNSS antenna.

The GEOD products combines a professional GNSS precision receiver and a calculator housing a web server in the same case.

Thanks to the web server, a basic web browser is all that is needed to configure and use GEOD products and their attached sensors. This innovating system is compact, lightweight and low energy consuming.

Using this technology brick, GEOD offers several products developed for bathymetrics, navigation, accurate fleet management, etc.