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Inertial navigation systems

Our range of inertial navigation systems and attitude measurement units incorporates gyroscope and accelerometer sensors designed to provide accurate real-time orientation measurements (from 1° to 0.01°) that are stable over time. The inertial navigation systems can be adapted to any type of environment, even for complex projects and for all types of carriers (vessels, USVs, ships, ROVs, etc.).

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Centrale inertielle Xsens de la gamme des centrales inertielles de CADDEN

Xsens inertial navigation systems

Centrale inertielle SBG Systems de la gamme des centrales inertielles de CADDEN

SBG Systems inertial navigation systems

Centrale inertielle iXblue / Sonardyne / Safran de la gamme des centrales inertielles et centrales d'attitude de CADDEN

Inertial navigation systems, attitude sensors and gyrocompass

Centrale inertielle avec un logiciel de post traitement Qinertia proposé par CADDEN

Post-processing software

Our inertial navigation systems can be combined with a wide range of sensors in dynamic acquisition systems for a wide range of applications for attitude measurement compensation:

  • Lidar for 3D mapping (Mobile Mapping) and obstacle detection,
  • Single and multibeam sounders for bathymetry,
  • Side-scan sonars for acoustic imaging, etc.

An inertial navigation system can also be used to control antennas and can be integrated into USVs and autonomous vehicle navigational aids.

In the event of loss of signals from the internal or external GNSS receiver, the inertial navigation systems take over to update a RTK GNSS position, also known as dead reckoning (passage under a bridge, at the base of a quay or a large infrastructure, etc.).

The attitude measurement units and gyrocompass also called “North-seeking” gyrocompasses, calculate a geographic heading without using a GNSS receiver using FOG and HRG technologies.


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