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GNSS receivers

Our GNSS receivers are the main tools of all mobile location-based data acquisition systems, and incorporate the latest innovations for precision geolocation in all circumstances. The use of multi-constellation GNSS signals guarantees sub-meter to centimeter level accuracy surveys in real time in the most difficult environments, such as vegetation cover and urban canyons.

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Récepteurs GNSS Trimble Intech modèle BX992

Trimble Intech GNSS Receivers

Récepteur GNSS Hemisphere GNSS

GNSS receiver Hemisphere GNSS

Récepteur GNSS Spectra Geospatial

GNSS receiver Spectra Géospatial

Antenne GNSS made in France G-NAV GEOD by Cadden

G-NAV GEOD® by Cadden Smart Antenna


Système PPU BANANAS pour navigation et accostage GEOD by Cadden


Récepteurs GNSS Services de correction PPP

PPP correction services

Our GNSS solutions (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, etc.) are deployed autonomously or integrated with more complex mobile acquisition systems. They are therefore suited for projects requiring quality georeferencing in various environments (air, land, sea) and for all types of applications:
  • Georeferencing of measurements from a hydrographic vessel;
  • Navigational aid for a drone or an autonomous vehicle;
  • Topographic surveys, antenna pointing;
  • Mapping of networks and infrastructures, machine guidance, etc.
This positioning technology can be used alone or combined with an inertial navigation system, and can be perfectly combined with optical, thermal, acoustic and magnetic remote sensing sensors (lidar, camera, probe, etc.) for georeferencing of all measurements. Association with the inertial navigation system compensates for GNSS signal reception losses with the combination of GNSS positioning and inertial attitude data, to update position and heading measurements. OEM GNSS boards are available in a variety of form factors and can be adapted to different integration and installation requirements.

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Our philosophy is to support our clients at all key stages of their projects.


A wide choice of rental sensors and acquisition systems, systems integration services, tailor-made training and technical support. Our rental catalog also includes complete systems, combining sensors of different technologies and from the main world-leading manufacturers.


Choosing Cadden as your project partner allows you to benefit from relevant technical advice, before, during, and after delivery. We accompany you during installation and provide technical support, even after the end of the equipment warranty.


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