Sensors and solutions for geolocation, 3D orientation and optical remote sensing for autonomous and industrial systems.

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The ROBOTICS sector of activity includes the provision of sensors and services focused on 3D positioning, orientation measurement and optical remote sensing technologies. These solutions are dedicated to the acquisition of accurate, repeatable and reliable metrological data.

These instruments are used for a wide range of dynamic and static measurement applications: navigational aid for autonomous vehicles, georeferenced 3D mapping of outdoor and indoor environments, moving target trajectography, structure inspection, intrusion detection, etc.

Geolocalisation / Navigation

GNSS solutions (GNSS receivers and compasses, OEM boards) are the main tools for georeferenced data acquisition moving systems, providing accurate geolocation in all circumstances. The use of GNSS multi-constellation signals guarantees accurate surveys (position and altitude) and precise trajectory measurements (heading, speed).

Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping or 3D mapping, measures the environment of all moving targets and generates georeferenced 3D point clouds. These models are used for refined analysis by measuring distances, identifying points of interest, interpreting targets, analyzing trajectories and assisting autonomous navigation.

Autonomous vehicle

Many applications involving autonomous vehicles are being developed further to the latest technological innovations in 3D Lidar, GNSS and inertial navigation systems: passenger shuttle transport for Last-Mile Delivery, autonomous tractors for the maintenance of agricultural and wine-growing plots, or delivery robots.


To meet the challenges of securing sensitive sites and complex industrial activities, our short to long-range 3D Lidar-based solutions for all applications: all-weather intrusion detection of people or drones, gage measurement, anti-collision assistance system, with or without analysis software.


Handling of 21st century materials requires increasingly autonomous robots to assist logistics operators and automate the simplest tasks. Autonomous logistics vehicles, from pallet trucks (AGVs) to container trucks, mainly use our technologies to operate in a wide range of environments, such as food warehouses, hospitals or factories.


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A wide choice of rental sensors and acquisition systems, systems integration services, tailor-made training and technical support. Our rental catalog also includes complete systems, combining sensors of different technologies and from the main world-leading manufacturers.


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