Our OCEANS activity offers numerous technologies dedicated to a better knowledge and control of marine and aquatic environments.

/ Our applications and technologies

OCEANS is the core line of business of Cadden and includes the supply of technologies dedicated to oceanography and marine geophysics applications.

Discover a comprehensive range of solutions and sensors which can be used alone or integrated on a mobile system (ROVs, surface drones, hydrographic vessels, etc.). They are designed for a wide range of applications: scientific research, environmental studies, marine projects, monitoring, etc.


The hydrography applications, for maritime projects, dredging or scientific research, mainly using bathymetry, require high-quality observation techniques linked to high-performance precision measurement systems in various types of environments: inland waters, coastlines or open sea.

Acoustic Imaging

The main purpose of acoustic sonar imaging is to detect and identify objects, classify the seabed and provide real-time underwater visual monitoring.


The various techniques for detecting and measuring sedimentary layers on the seafloor, include sediment penetrators or echosounders, based on very low frequency acoustic technology (CHIRP), which detect buried objects such as wrecks, pipes and UXOs.


Surface-towed magnetometers are used to detect magnetic anomalies on and under the seabed. Detection of these metallic masses, either lying on the seafloor or already covered by sediment, applies to different types of research: military, archaeological, geophysical and scientific.

Marine Instrumentation

Our range of marine instrumentation includes complementary systems for hydrographic and oceanographic sensors such as acoustic positioning solutions (USBL, LBL), hydrological measurements of the water column (CTD, SVP, turbidity) and equipment for the deployment of sensors: electric or manual winches, acoustic releases, underwater transponders, etc.


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Discover our services

Our philosophy is to support our clients at all key stages of their projects.


A wide choice of rental sensors and acquisition systems, systems integration services, tailor-made training and technical support. Our rental catalog also includes complete systems, combining sensors of different technologies and from the main world-leading manufacturers.

Integration and installation

Choosing Cadden as your project partner allows you to benefit from relevant technical advice, before, during, and after delivery. We accompany you during installation and provide technical support, even after the end of the equipment warranty.


Our trainers have advanced knowledge of all the solutions provided. Thanks to a close partnership with all of our suppliers, our training team will provide you with tailor-made solutions, training adapted to your applications.