Mobile Mapping

Le Mobile Mapping est l'application basée la collecte de données géoréférencées de précision, en dynamique.

Mapping combiné SMF et Lidar du Canal Saint-Félix à Nantes

Mobile Mapping is used to measure the environment by the creation of clouds of georeferenced 3D points and to measure distances, identify targets, and interpret.

Many assets are concerned: police signs (or traffic signs), urban furniture, parks and gardens, road conditions, the conformity of access routes for disabled access, advertising billboard surfaces (to manage local taxes), public lighting, rail networks, but also infrastructure.

Combined multibeam bathymetry and Lidar scanning

Lidar (2D or 3D) based solutions make it possible to dynamically create clouds of georeferenced 3D points over ranges of several hundreds of metres to obtain a very accurate model of the environment. This modelling meets many issues: accurately and quickly calculating ore volumes, knowing the state of a rockfill, a dock or a levee, measuring distances to check the accessibility of certain industrial sites (example of transporting offshore wind turbines before embarkation) or the conformity of safety rail installations, the monitoring of electricity lines, etc.  
Mobile Mapping can be carried out on all types of support: vehicles, drones, quads, trains, and even from a backpack!