Acoustic imaging

Gamme de capteurs pour imagerie sous-marine

The main purpose of acoustic imaging is the detection and identification of objects, the seabed classification, but also to provide a visual underwater and real time check to monitor works or site safety.

Towed side-scan sonars, or sonars directly built into ROVs and AUVs of the Klein Marine Systems line are used to generate images of the sea floor, including in turbid water.  These images are used to classify the sea floor (sand, mud, rock, etc.), but also to map the sub-marine flora (posidonia, etc.), and to have detailed knowledge prior to all cable laying, wind farm installation etc. projects.   Klein side-scan sonars thereby offer the possibility of detecting and identifying anomalies, finding targets (anchor, car, bicycle, etc.), and preparing diving missions.

The Coda Octopus Echoscope acoustic camera is used to obtain a real time dynamic image under the water, whatever the turbidity. This Echoscope system is especially adapted to track divers in real time and monitor their safety, or to track sub-marine works such as cable laying or the installation of accropodes: the crane operator can see under the water in real time.