Marine instrumentation

Instrumentation pour mise en oeuvre de systèmes d'acquisition hydrographiques.

Our marine instrumentation offer encompasses systems that are complementary to oceanographic sensors:

  • measurement solutions: acoustic positioning system (USBL, LBL), bathytachymeter (CTD), etc.
  • deployment equipment: electric or manual winches, ROV, acoustics launchers, etc.

Acoustic positioning systems make it possible to geolocate any target under the water: divers, ROV/AUV, side-scan sonar, magnetometer, etc.

Bathytachymeters measure speed in water (or the speed at which acoustic waves propagate), making it possible to adjust the acoustic measurements from bathymetric sounding devices.

The winches we propose can tow fish (side-scan sonars, sonar + magnetometer, gradiometer, etc.), mobilise/demobilise an ROV, lower sensors such as a CTD sensor,aso…