Lyon Cathedral: new Lidar and SLAM mapping

For the first time, Lyon's Saint-Jean cathedral is mapped using Lidar

It’s a first! While in Lyon, Jean-Christophe Perdrieau, Business Developper at CADDEN, took a few moments to create a map of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste-et-Saint-Étienne primatial church in Lyon and the surrounding area.

© Otourly, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To carry out this mission, Jean-Christophe equipped himself with a backpack (with on-board laptop, cables and a battery to power the computer and Lidar) as well as a handle to hold the Lidar with its connection cable and a smartphone to view the Lidar data in real time.

It took just 15 minutes to map Lyon Cathedral and the surrounding area in SLAM. In 2 hours of acquisition, a power battery for the computer and Lidar is sufficient. The dimensions of this battery vary according to the size of the acquisition to be carried out.

The data were acquired using a Hesai QT64 Lidar and Hesai’s own acquisition software, Pandar View. Post-processing was completed in just one hour, using SLAM processing software supplied by Exwayz.

The cathedral organ

Located inside the nave on the south side, with the instrument on one side and the console on the other. On the right-hand side are several panels which, at the time of mapping, were actually part of a temporary exhibition.

The Astronomical Clock

This clock is located in the north wing of the cathedral. The precision of the point cloud is ideal for seeing many details of the whole.

© Jean-Christophe BENOIST, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The chapels

Located on the south-facing slope to the right of the entrance, the Saint-Vincent and Bourbon chapels are particularly well detailed. It’s even possible to spot the rose window and stained glass windows facing outwards, as well as the paintings, where the painted figures are even easily identifiable.

© Claude Devigne | Inside the Bourbon Chapel

The archeological garden

Adjacent to the north exterior of the cathedral, the archeological garden, now a listed historical monument, is showcased here with its various easily identifiable remains.

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