The River Thames at the Lidar and multibeam sounder

Incredible Lidar data and multibeam sounder captured at Oceanology International
USV200 on the Thames (London)

Land and underwater data from the Thames in a single passage thanks to the marine drone

It was during our demonstrations during the Oceanology International show in London in March 2022 where we took the opportunity to conduct a bathymetric and terrestrial survey. Directly integrated on the USV200 marine drone, the Lidar is here combined with the multibeam sounder, itself installed below the surface drone, in order to obtain data on the ground and underwater. In a single pass.

Views of the Thames, Royal Victoria Bridge and ExCeL in Lidar and Multibeam

Only about 30 minutes were needed to obtain data on the bridge and the buildings bordering the London River.
Lidar rendering and multibeam sounder
© Google
View of the Royal Victoria Bridge (London)
View of ExCeL (London)
View of the Thames (London)


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