Inertial navigation systems, attitude sensors and gyrocompasses

The iXblue, Sonardyne and Safran inertial navigation systems, attitude sensors and gyrocompasses provide accurate attitude, orientation (Heading, Roll and Pitch) and position information without the need for external sensors. They are dedicated to all types of applications, even in complex environments (marine, underwater, land, etc.) and for all types of carriers (AUVs, service vessels, off-road vehicles, etc.).

Centrales inertielles / centrale d’attitude / gyrocompas des gammes iXblue / Sonardyne / Safran

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Attitude sensors & gyrocompass

Inertial navigation systems

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The iXblue, Sonardyne and Safran range includes high-precision sensors for high-performance navigation. These systems are capable of updating positions in case of loss of GNSS signals while providing highly accurate attitude and heading information.


The technology (FOG, HRG) integrated into these inertial navigation systems, also called “North-seeking” gyrocompasses, provide True Heading data with an accuracy to a tenth of a degree, even in complex environments (over water, under water, under ground, etc.) and for all types of carriers (AUVs, service vessels, off-road vehicles, etc.).


iXblue’s DELPH INS post-processing software, features a simple and intuitive interface, and offers functionalities for adjusting inertial data to a wide range of complementary sensors (GNSS, USBL, DVL, etc.), for calibration, underwater trajectography and 2D map editing.


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