Camera for ROV / AUV / USV

Designed by Orphie Vision, the camera for ROV / AUV / USV improves visibility distance during underwater inspection and habitat mapping in turbid water observing conditions. It is directly integrated into a marine bathymetry drone, underwater drone, autonomous underwater drone or can be used alone by professional divers (dipping camera).

caméra pour ROV / AUV / USV

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Caméra for ROV / AUV / USV


1080p / 20 to 60 fps

Depth rating

300 m (1000 m in option)


Length 220 mm, Diameter 90 mm

Weight (Air)

2,3 kg

Housing Material

Annodised aluminium

/ Video

The integration of a high definition ROV / AUV / USV camera is an ideal choice for underwater inspections with greater detail, even in turbid water. Developed by Orphie, this camera is suitable for many applications: inspection scenarios (wrecks, cracks, etc.), habitat mapping, vegetation surveys, etc.


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