A 20th century wreck probed by multibeam near the Italian coast

A great use of the R2Sonic multibeam echosounder

A few days ago, Nathan, a hydrographic technician at CADDEN, made a great discovery during training at our client’s site: the Sacrum Cor boat! Together with the client’s teams, they took the opportunity to probe it with a multibeam echo sounder, the R2Sonic 2022.

A 20th century wreck with multiple lives

Her journey began in 1928, then named “Bantria” and part of the four freighters ordered by the Cunard Line. Used during the Second World War, it was owned by different Italian buyers and changed its name many times to Sacrum Cor.

After having travelled the roads of Liverpool and the Mediterranean, it was transferred in 1968 to Vado Ligure, near Genoa, to be dismantled. It was during this operation that it was hit by a violent storm, and the authorities decided to tow it out of the port and sink it to a deeper seabed (at about -56 m) for safety reasons.

On the data, processed with the Qimera software of the QPS suite, we can clearly see the progress made by the boat once in the water. Since that day, changes have been made, including dredging the bottom near the wreck. Eventually, the goal is to create a new dike.

Bonus photos of the ship when it was called “Bantria”.

L'épave du Sacrum Cor retrouvée en Italie

Images found of the wreck with the name "BRANTIA".

"BRANTIA" cargo
"BRANTIA" cargo

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