A map of France in Lidar soon accessible to all

A map of France will soon be accessible to all in open data, it includes the metropolitan territory and those of overseas, except Guyana. Its particularity, it will be entirely realized at Lidar, a first in France.
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Carried out by the IGN, this unique project will be finalized in 2025, after 5 years of work, 7000 flight hours and 3 petabytes. Data will still be available as scans are performed.

Map of France made in Lidar : an unprecedented project

Dedicated to creating a “digital twin” of the French landscape, this program will offer users of Lidar data a 3D description of the French soil and overground, the finest ever established. All of this data will benefit from multiple uses, some of which are still unknown at this time.

How does the Lidar technology works ?

Our 3D Lidar ranges

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