Port Revel: precise real-time tracking with G-NAV

Port Revel, the world’s most famous ship pilot training center, is a ship handling school located near Grenoble (France). The ships are built to 1:25 scale, which means that if a model is 10 meters long, for example, it actually reproduces a 250-meter vessel. The entire training center is equipped with impressive systems for reproducing ocean weather conditions and cartography on this scale. The extreme precision of the navigation system is therefore absolutely essential, as every margin of error is amplified by a factor of 25.

Satellite navigation system for harbor pilot training

When it heard about G-NAV’s features, Port Revel contacted Cadden to equip its school with state-of-the-art technology for real-time tracking, trajectography, GNSS RTK sensors, radio technology, cartography, RTK base station and PPU. The school is now equipped with a complete solution for precise real-time tracking and control. To date, the system is running smoothly and trouble-free.

G-NAV: accuracy and reliability

G-NAV antennas are mounted on each vessel to provide a navigation system based on an accurate GNSS receiver (GPS-GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou). G-NAV offers enhanced centimeter-level accuracy thanks to dual-frequency L1/L2 RTK augmentation. G-NAV can accurately detect speed, position, motion and rotation:

  • 1 cm position accuracy
  • Speed detection at 1 cm/sec
  • <0.1°/min ROT
  • Heading detection of 0.02° on a 10 m baseline (with Kalmar Gyro-Aiding filter)

All the sensors mounted on each vessel transmit navigation data in real time to the main training room, using a wireless communication mechanism built into the antennas.

As you can see from the images, the antennas are powered by an Ethernet (PoE) cable. The other G-NAV cable connects to another antenna, clearly visible in one of the images above. Heading is calculated by the dual-antenna system based on GNSS RTK L1/L2 and assisted by Kalman-filtered gyroscopes. GPS compass heading accuracy is 0.02° on a 10 m baseline.

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