Rental & Technical Assistance

A wide choice of sensors and acquisition systems for both short and long term rental.

Rental services

Our rental pool includes sensors for:

  • geopositioning for trajectography, navigation, antenna pinpointing applications: ProFlex 500, ProFlex 800, ProMark 500, ProMark 200, BX982 GNSS receivers;
  • GIS surveys: MobileMapper 100 receiver;
  • orientation measurement with AHRS, IMU or compas GPS receivers: EKINOX-D, Octans, Bluenaute, Phins, SMC108, MTi-30, MTi-G-700, BX982;
  • sub-bottom profiling: Stratabox, Klein SBP3000;
  • data post-processing (bathymetric data, acoustic imagery, geopositioning, mosaicing…): GNSS Solutions, SPSO QINSy, Hypack, Coda Geosurvey, Polyworks.

Our rental pool also includes complete acquisition systems:

  • multibeam bathymetry (shallow to deep waters, from a vessel or integrated on a ROV/AUV): Sonic 2020, Sonic 2022 & Sonic 2024 with UHR option (700kHz), SeaBeam 1180/1185, SeaBeam 1050/1050D;
  • singlebeam bathymetry: BALI;
  • acoustic imagery system based on side scan sonar, for research of targets, wrecks, search and identification of obstruction, bottom classification: Klein 3000;
  • acoustic imagery system based on 3D acoustic camera, for real time monitoring, cable laying, acropods laying: Echoscope;
  • LIDAR system, for AUV navigation purposes, bank scanning: HDL-32E, VLP-16, MERLIN, Dynascan.

You can download our complete list of equipments available in our rental pool and our terms and conditions rental policy.

CADDEN owns a 9m vessel, based in Pornic, available for rental and training sessions.

Technical Assistance

Choosing CADDEN to partner your project allows you to have access to relevant support and technical advice before, during, and also after the solution is delivered.  In fact, our technical team provides technical support, even after the warranty period for your equipment has expired.

Our technical team has in-depth knowledge of all the solutions we supply and, thanks to a close partnership with manufacturers, will always give you solutions.

For any technical support, you can contact the Cadden team: