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Echosounders - sonars

Our range of echosounders and sonars meet a wide range of operational requirements and covers many underwater applications: bathymetric or geophysical surveys, sedimentary layer measurements, detection of magnetic anomalies and object identification, seabed classification, fauna and flora surveys, etc.

/ Our product ranges

Sondeur bathymétrique BALI de la gamme GEOD by Cadden

Bathymetry system BALI GEOD® by CADDEN

Sondeur multifaisceaux R2Sonic 2022

R2sonic multibeam echosounders

Sondeur monofaisceau Echologger

Single beam echosounders

Sondeur de sédiment iXblue Echoes 10000

Sediment echosounders

Sondeur scientifique Biosonics avec monitoring

BioSonics scientific echosounders

Logiciel de post-traitement pour bathymétrie QPS Quinsy

Bathymetry softwares

Logiciel sismique iXblue DELPH

Seismic software

Logiciel de post-traitement bathymétrie QPS QASTOR

Navigation software

Known as acoustic sensors, the bathymetry, sonar imaging and sedimentology systems contribute to comprehensive mapping of the seabed and subsoil.

They are used in a wide variety of applications and at all depths during geophysical campaigns, scientific research missions and environmental or industrial monitoring.

These systems require positioning or motion compensation sensors such as a GNSS receiver and an inertial navigation system for their implementation. Others require instrumentation such as dedicated winches or underwater positioning systems for their implementation.

They are often associated with software suites for data collection, processing and analysis: QINSY, QIMERA, QASTOR, DELPH.


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