Compact and self-contained, BALI is an easy-to-operate, single-rod bathymetric measurement system. This lightweight bathymetry kit combines a single-beam bathymetric sounder with a RTK GNSS receiver. It processes and stores water depth measurements synchronized with a georeferenced position with centimeter-level accuracy, even in difficult areas. For advanced operators, the NMEA output uses common bathymetry software, such as QINSY, HYPACK, etc.

Sondeur bathymétrique légère BALI GEOD by CADDEN
BALI used by Shom's teams
Compatibilité polyvalence antenne BALI V3 avec l'USV 100 GEOD

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Ultra-portable and easy to set up by a single operator. The kit includes 2 cables and 3 poles, it is quick to assemble and can be easily carried in its case. Bali’s built-in NiMH battery provides up to 10 hours of use.


The smart antenna is integrated with all the necessary telecommunication equipment to ensure a high level of connectivity to different types of radio networks: 3G, UHF and Wi-Fi.


Real-time monitoring and wireless remote control is possible by connecting a PC, tablet or smartphone to the Wi-Fi access point integrated in the kit.


GNSS and UHF/GSM technologies are directly integrated into the antenna and allow to carry out surveys with real-time centimeter-level accuracy (RTK). The echosounder provides depth measurement with an accuracy of 0.2 %. Its transducer with an integrated temperature sensor adjusts the measured water height in real time.

Easy to use

Hydrographic operations are very intuitive. No PC or hydrography software is required, a simple Smartphone is needed to connect via Wi-Fi to the internal web server.


The nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery is known to be much more stable than lithium ion and is safer to store and transport.


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