Klein Marine Systems side-scan sonar

Klein Marine Systems side-scan sonars are able to classify the seabed and detect obstacles, wrecks, etc. They can be towed, or integrated into ROVs or AUVs, for very-high resolution acoustic imaging.

Sonars à balayage latéral Klein Marine Systems

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Klein 4000

Klein 4900

Klein 5000

Klein 5900

Klein MA-X View 600

Klein 4K-SVY


100/400 kHz

455/900 kHz

455 kHz

455 kHz

600/850 kHz

300/600 kHz

Weight (Air)

32 kg

25 kg

70 kg

84 kg

25 kg

30 kg

Max. depth

2,000 m

300 m

500 m

750 m

300 m

2,000 m


Geophysical application, SAR

Archeology, UXO, SAR

Bathymetry, SAR, geophysical

Bathymetry, SAR, geophysical, Mine hunting

Archeology, UXO

Geophysical, SAR

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Depending on the choice of Klein Marine Systems side-scan sonar model and application, these sensors are used to detect and identify anomalies, for seabed type classification or searching for submerged objects (mines, anchors, cars, bicycles, etc.) for a wide range of applications.

The system is operational and efficient when combined with a winch (electric or manual) and an USBL acoustic positioning system, and can be used for a wide range of missions. The Cadden rental fleet includes 3 models of the Klein system to meet all types of needs.


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