A floating pontoon wreck in multibeam and ROV at Le Havre – Seanergy 2022

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When our team find a floating pontoon wreck in the Paul Vatine Basin in Le Havre during the Seanergy 2022 show.
Bathymetric survey at the Carré des Docks, Le Havre

The 6th edition of Seanergy took place at the Carré des Docks in the city of Le Havre for 3 days from 15 to 17 June 2022. Centered on the Eolian at Sea and Renewable Marine Energies, this year the show offered to perform demonstrations outdoors, in the Paul Vatine Basin near the exhibition venue, or in an indoor pool.

As an exhibitor, CADDEN offered to attend two outdoor and indoor demonstrations per day with the USV200 multibeam and the ROV Oceanus MarineNav.

Demonstration in the Paul Vatine Basin
Lauching USV200 multibeam
USV200 multibeam goes on mission
Multibeam bathymetric survey

The discovery of the floating pontoon wreckage during the bathymetric survey

These demonstrations were punctuated by a surprise, as the USV200 equipped with the R2Sonic 2020 multibeam sounder revealed the existence of a floating pontoon wreck that may have sunk in the Paul Vatine Basin.

The on-site team composed of Jean-Christophe PERDRIEAU, Commercial Engineer, and Dominique CHASSAGNE, Hydrographer and Technical Director, made this incredible discovery during the bathymetric survey in multibeam.

Seanergy 2022 Le Havre avec une épave de ponton flottant
View of the floating pontoon wreckage
Side view of the floating pontoon wreckage
Profile view of the floating pontoon wreckage

Several areas are well visible thanks to the multibeam sounder, including the railing and the two pontoon stake guides.

View of the guardrail
Side view of the guardrail
View of the pile guide
Side view of the pile guide

The Paul Vatine Basin in multibeam and Lidar in one way

The USV200 multi-beam bathymetric drone is available with several options, including the Lidar. This laser sensor is a real advantage for mapping the environment both below and above water level, as here in Le Havre, in parallel with the Seanergy 2022 show.

The combined use of these two technologies on a marine drone makes it a real advantage since a single passage is required to obtain measurements below the surface and a part of the bottom of the water with the multibeam sounder, and above the surface of the water with the Lidar.


All data were collected by Dominique Chassagne, Technical Director and Hydrographer, then processed with Qimera and Fledermaus software from the QPS suite.

Multibeam bathymetric survey and Lidar
A ladder probed at multibeam and Lidar
Zoom on a scale probed at multibeam and Lidar

Views of the wreckage of the floating pontoon at the ROV and Orphie camera

Once the bathymetric survey was completed, it was the turn of the ROV Oceanus of the manufacturer MarineNav to dive into the water to capture in video the wreck of the floating pontoon.

Integrated directly by our teams on the underwater drone, the Orphie camera significantly improves the visibility distance by 3, even in turbid water conditions. This considerable advantage is all the more appreciated in the case of wreck inspections such as here.

This complete onboard system adds another dimension to view the pontoon in pictures and video. Coupled to the multibeam sounder, it offers a complete view of the wreck of the floating pontoon.

Launch of the ROV in the Paul Vatine Basin
Installation of the ROV to inspect the wreckage of the floating pontoon
Real-time video feedback from the ROV inspecting the wreckage of the floating pontoon
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ROV combined with sonar scanning to locate in space

Designed specifically for underwater drone use, the Echologger MRS900 sonar scanning model is integrated on the Oceanus MarineNav ROV to detect obstacles and above all to inform the operator of the ROV’s positioning in space.

With the help of this sensor, the operator can easily control the ROV remotely and evolve in the environment to be inspected.

Scanning sonar of the floating pontoon wreck
Scanning sonar of the wreck of the floating pontoon with the dock



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