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On Thursday 27 June 2019, CADDEN organized the first R2D3 conference, the Representation of Reality in 3 Dimensions.

The aim of this event is to inform about the latest advances in 3D data acquisition, visualization and retrieval. It is also an opportunity to recall the range of solutions proposed by Cadden, divided under the names OCEANS, MACHINES, GEOD®, and to learn how the technologies proposed by CADDEN transform the way of working in the aquatic environment, but also enables the automation of many systems, used in a wide variety of industrial and robotic applications.

Many market players trust CADDEN teams with a high degree of expertise and knowledge in their fields.

These teams prepared for months to offer lectures, demonstrations and quality exchanges to the guests. Several speakers made us the honor to present their jobs and their projects on the remarkable site of the Machines de l’Ile, on the banks of the Loire.

All in an atmosphere of listening, exchange and sharing.

Retour sur la conférence R2D3 organisée par Cadden
Retour sur R2D3 organisé par Cadden
Retour sur l'événement R2D3 organisée par Cadden

Among the guests were customers, suppliers and partners of CADDEN, who found a unique opportunity to meet, exchange together, attend demonstrations, and discover the business presentations.

It was therefore a success for CADDEN, which was able to present the scope of its OCEANS, MACHINES and GEOD®activities to the actors present.

R2D3 challenged, captivated and convinced them!

The goal now is to repeat this success regularly with new demonstrations, new conferences as well as new partners, representative of the Representation of Reality in 3 Dimensions.

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