Integrated Hydrographic Pack: two new successes

Published on 26 October 2016
The mission & the problem

The “Integrated Hydrographic Pack” is a fully integrated system, made up of the three items of equipment essential for high precision surveys:

  • an R2Sonic multibeam sounder – the heart of the bathymetric system -,
  • an attitude unit which provides information on the ship’s heading, roll, pitch and heave,
  • a DGPS receiver which ensures the precise location of the boat.

All the electronics are integrated in a single bay, fully pre-wired and positioned in the wheelhouse, so as to guarantee hydrographers rapid control and access to the system.

The “Integrated hydrographic pack” has a dual interest for players in the naval sector in the context of calls for tenders. The sites save precious time over the duration of the project, with the integration, testing and overall validation steps before delivery being carried out by Cadden. And end customers have a proven, high-tech, complete hydrographic system. In addition, this turnkey solution also includes the training of field teams in real conditions, provided by the Nantes integrator.

The solution

This new approach was initiated by Cadden for the new hydrographic boat of the DEAL de La Réunion, delivered in March 2011. More recently, the Port of Rouen and the Associated Normans Ports (Ouistreham and Caen) – via the respective Allais and AASM shipyards – they too have just chosen the “integrated hydrographic pack” solution for the equipment of their next boats in early 2012.

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