BALI V3: a new version even more accessible

The BALI V3 bathymetry system is equipped with new features and always promotes accessibility for all users:

Sondeur bathymétrique légère BALI v3 GEOD by Cadden

The case of the smart antenna changes its design and features the dark blue colour on the sides, a reference to the Cadden logo. It captures GNSS signals, differential corrections broadcast in GSM and/or UHF to provide precise positioning per centimeter in RTK. Via the Wifi connection, the user directly accesses the integrated web server and can control his bathymetric survey.

Thanks to the new outboard motor type attachment, the operator will be able to fix and orient the Bali pole vertically on any type of boat (type Zodiac®, semi-rigid, boat, canoe, etc.).

Web server: a new interface for BALI V3

Directly integrated into the smart antenna of BALI, the web server is a software designed to carry out bathymetric surveys dedicated to all users, even those not trained in hydrography. For advanced users, it is compatible with bathymetry software that supports NMEA protocols such as QINSY.

With the V3 from BALI, this software has been revamped and the interface has been completely redesigned to ensure simple and intuitive use. This makes ergonomics easier to configure, even for a novice user. All information is visible at a glance on the dashboard.

Serveur web intégré à BALI V3 pour faciliter les levés hydrographiques de reconnaissance
BALI V3 web serveur
BALI V3 est une nouvelle version plus accessible avec la configuration du tableau de bord
Configuration of data previewed on the dashboard
Discover the new web server interface

The novelty of the projects

The big change of this new version lies mainly in the creation of projects.

Each user creates one or more projects by defining their own custom settings: UHF frequency, SBAS/RTK positioning, tracking lines, etc. In addition to the default, it is now possible to create as many projects as desired.

BALI V3 est une nouvelle version plus accessible avec des projets
Project Settings

Each project is fully customizable using the different parameters to be configured (pole length, speed, etc.).

BALI V3 est une nouvelle version plus accessible avec la personnalisation des projets
Customization of each project

Orientation of the map

Several choices are available to orient the map according to its need: follow the north, the orientation of the boat or the orientation of the tracking lines.

Background layers integration

It is now possible to integrate one or more plan backgrounds simultaneously in .kml format.

During the mission, the plan funds are there to keep the link between the mission and the completion of the bathymetric survey. Real time savings since there is only one software for configuration and monitoring, in addition to the mission in real time.

BALI V3 antenna compatibility with marine drones

The BALI antenna has the distinction of adapting to both the BALI bathymetry system and the USV100 and USV200 marine drones. These are a real advantage for operators, allowing them to stay dry and safe during bathymetric surveys.

Compatibilité polyvalence antenne BALI V3 avec l'USV 100 GEOD
BALI V3 and USV100 compatibility

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