It happened in 2022

New products


Lightweight and compact, ANANAS is the smaller version of BANANAS and it stands for “Accurate NAvigatioN Aid System”. This independent ship instrument solution is a precise and reliable PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) system for marine pilots for navigation and berthing.

Echoes 3500 - iXblue

Available for rent (exclusive to Europe), the Echoes 3500 from iXblue integrates the range of sediment sounders. Its acoustic frequency (1.7 to 6 kHz) makes it an ideal ally to observe in greater depths, it is recommended for complex environments, especially sandy.

Cadden is the official rental agency in Europe for iXblue’s Echoes 3500.

We were at many exhibitions this year

After the return of the exhibitions in France in 2021, it is the turn of those abroad to re-open in 2022. In addition to France, our teams were in London, USA, Mexico or Scotland to show you our solutions and sensors.

Our solutions around the world

Our sensors and solutions have travelled around the world: Suez Canal, London, Thouaré-sur-Loire (France), Saint-Cyprien (France), Noirmoutier-en-l’Île (France).

Le drone bathymétrique USV200 dans les étiers de Noirmoutier
Noirmoutier-en-l'Île (France) - ©Ocealis Consulting
Canal de Suez
Le Havre (France)
Saint-Cyprien (France)
Thouaré-sur-Loire (France)
Paris (France)

Our solutions used by our customers

R2Sonic multibeam echosounder - Grand Port Maritime de la Rochelle

In 2019, the Grand Port Maritime de la Rochelle chose CADDEN to equip its hydrographic vessel “Cassiopée” with a multibeam echosounder R2Sonic 2022. And in 2022, the hydrographers of the Port of La Rochelle carried out the very first bathymetric survey of a wreck, the ship “Marie-Anne”. This wreck was probed for the first time in multibeam located between the island of Ré and the Atlantic Port La Rochelle.

As a bonus the picture of the ship “Marie-Anne” leaving the port of La Rochelle in 1920.

© Port Atlantique de La Rochelle
© Port Atlantique de La Rochelle
© Port Atlantique de La Rochelle

Dolphin 1 - SDIS 85

This summer, you couldn’t miss the SDIS85 in the press. The reason? The Vendée SDIS is the first in France to equip itself with two Dolphin 1. Acquired at the end of July, the two radio-controlled rescue drones are now in service in Noirmoutier and Yeu (Vendée).

A big thank you to the Vendée fire brigade who trusted CADDEN for the choice of the two Dolphin 1.

USV100 - Instadrone

Equipped with a USV100 marine drone, Instadrone is on a mission on the Hérault River. On the program: preparation and calibration of the USV100 bathymetric probe to carry out the bathymetric survey.

© Instadrone
© Instadrone

Trimble Intech GNSS receiver - University of Luxembourg

An autonomous vehicle tested in preview on the public road in Luxembourg City by the University of Luxembourg, with a GNSS receiver provided by CADDEN and Trimble Intech. Named Junior, this vehicle is equipped with a GNSS Trimble OEM GNSS BX992 receiver.

This project was initiated by the University of Luxembourg and the SnT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust) as part of the 360Lab, the first thematic research laboratory focused on intelligent mobility.

Video credit: SnT-Université de Luxembourg

Echoes 10 000 iXblue - Geobathy

With the sediment sounder Echoes 10000 iXblue towed to the survey boat, the hydrographers were able to identify and precisely locate the layers of sediment (mud, sand, rocks, etc.).

Here, sedimentology was necessary to refine dredging policies and possibly to consider deepening. The final objective being to accommodate certain ship templates in several ports of the Atlantic coast (Piriac-sur-mer, Sables d’Olonne, Pornichet…).

© Geobathy
© Geobathy

On CADDEN's side

They came in 2022

This year, several people joined CADDEN’s various departments:

  • Jean-Christophe – Commercial Engineer (South of France);
  • Clément – Commercial Engineer (North of France);
  • Elouan – Alternating Software Developer;
  • Christophe – Alternating Electronic Technician;
  • Inès – Deputy Administrative and Commercial Assistant;
  • Nicolas – R&D trainee until December 2022.

A crazy seminar

In 2022, the whole team was in a seminar to celebrate 23 years of CADDEN. The company’s anniversary is an important event for the entire team. Employees, students-apprentice, future students-apprentice, trainees; everyone was invited to take part in this adventure.

The perfect opportunity to get together for a day to share good times, build relationships and strengthen team cohesion. Games, musical activities (samba) or Olympiads; all activities that aim to bring to everyone new experiences and create new memories together.

A new ERP system

A new ERP for CADDEN and the 1Life Group solution has been selected! During this long process, we were accompanied by the company Odonates who perfectly knew how to guide us in our choice. In 2022, our migration to a new ERP has become more concrete and it is an investment of choice for the development of CADDEN. The implementation of this new ERP is scheduled for 2023.

This objective is part of the PLUG IN programme. Managed by the EMC2 Division, this system is in partnership with the Nantes St-Nazaire CCI and initiated by Nantes Métropole and Saint-Nazaire and agglomeration.

We’ve done the decoration

It was time for us to bring something new into our lobby and reception area and for that we decided to repaint the walls. Blue was chosen as one of the colours of the visual identities of CADDEN and the GEOD® by CADDEN brand.
We then hung the white 3D logo on the walls to affirm the company’s identity as soon as we entered our premises.

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