Sub Bottom Profilers

The Exail and Knudsen range of Sub Bottom Profilers perform high-resolution sediment measurements under the seabed. The equipment can operate in shallow and medium depths using very low frequency acoustic technology (CHIRP 5 to 15 KHz). The Sub Bottom Profilers’ compact size allows for easy integration on all types of vessels for measurement of seabed sedimentary layers and buried object detection.

Sondeurs de sédiments des gammes iXblue et Knudsen

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Echoes 10000 Exail

Echoes 3500 Exail

Pinger Knudsen

Frequency range

5 – 15 kHz

1,7 – 6 kHz

3.5 – 200 kHz


40 m (clay)

20 m (sand), 150 m (clay)

Beam width



30° - 9°

Vertical resolution

8 cm

20 cm

10 cm - 2 cm


1 to 150 m

1 to 200 m

2 to 400 m

Weight (air)

26 kg

15 kg

21-29 kg

The Exail and Knudsen Sub Bottom Profilers are comprehensive systems for high-resolution data acquisition of sedimentary substrates, to complete all types of advanced geophysical or bathymetric technology projects.

Sediment echosounders with an acoustic frequency of less than 15 kHz offer a better study of the bottom and the sedimentary layers that compose it (determine the thickness, composition, etc.).

They are supplied with acquisition software such as QINSY or Delph as well as processing and analysis software such as Delph Seismic


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