Bathymetry drone BALI USV200

BALI USV200 single beam is a compact and portable bathymetry drone for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. The hydrographic drone platform is designed for the study of coastal and inland water environments (harbors, power plant dams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds, mines, retention ponds, etc.) and is compatible with a multibeam system.

Drone de bathymétrie BALI USV200 monofaisceau GEOD by CADDEN

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Vidéo bathymétrie drone de surface SL40
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Compact and stable

This lightweight and robust USV is easy to use and transport by one or two people. The design significantly improves stability at high speeds.

Data update

The data is transmitted by radio link to the acquisition PC on land to check the results in real time.


Remote controllable by the operator. With its integrated GPS, it can be used in autonomous mode by following a programmed route. This small and easy-to-handle drone is used for precision mapping of the seabed. Operations are completed much faster than with traditional boat surveys.


Performs measurements in shallow water from 20 cm. Easy-to-handle and responsive in speed (up to 5m/s) depending on the requirement and navigation conditions.


Robust and durable carbon fiber hull with integrated well.


The operator is safe on the bank during the survey.


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