Our office are completely blue!

A brand new fresh air came to the office
Since CADDEN took over the premises in 2005, there have been changes to the office layout in 2018, but the decoration was rather simple and did not fully reflect the company, nor its change of graphic charter in 2017. After many discussions over the last few years, the project really became a reality in 2022. The objective was simple: to assert the identity of the company from the first step in our premises.
Entrance hall - BEFORE
Welcome area - BEFORE
A few weeks ago we saw a change in our offices. And since we don’t do things half-way, we decided to make the same arrangement on the ground floor as on the floor, a kind of red thread. Previously white, the lobby and reception area were painted navy blue. This colour was an obvious choice for us since it represents in many ways the OCEANS and ROBOTICS domains, but it is also an integral part of the GEOD® by CADDEN brand’s graphic charter. Once the walls were finished, we hung two 3D signs of the CADDEN logo, designed by the company LUMEN, which complete the decoration of the walls. New details are expected in the coming weeks, such as plants or shelves.
Entrance hall - AFTER
Changement de la décoration des bureaux CADDEN
Entrance hall - AFTER
Welcome area - AFTER

See the redevelopment of our offices in Nantes

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