Deep sea bathymetry ROV

Published on 3 May 2021
The mission & the problem

The Cadden company, specializing in electronic measurement systems for geolocation and oceanography, sold last June (editor’s note: June 2012) an ROV (Remotely Operated vehicle) type underwater vehicle to Copetech-SM. Equipped in particular with a multibeam sounder, the system made it possible to carry out “deep sea” bathymetric surveys as part of a large seawater air conditioning project.

Cadden supplied Copetech-SM in June with a complete system intended for carrying out high precision “deep sea” bathymetric surveys. These are part of the studies carried out upstream as part of a vast seawater air conditioning project implemented in Reunion by GDF-Suez Energie Services and using the principle of the SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) system. .

This energy efficiency project is fully in line with a sustainable development perspective. It consists, in summary, in drawing cold marine water at a depth of more than 1000 m, then bringing it up using a pumping station to the 27 sites to be air-conditioned, located in Saint-Denis and Sainte-Marie.
The work entrusted to the Marseille design office was aimed at determining a reliable route for laying the some 20 km of underwater pipelines required.

ROV de bathymétrie multifaisceaux grands fonds

High-precision surveys at these abysmal depths can only be achieved using submerged sensors, capable of capturing data as close as possible to the survey areas. The ROVs on which the equipment is mounted generally weigh around a tonne and therefore need to be loaded on board suitable boats.

Here, the originality of Copetech-SM’s approach – decisive point for its final selection in the context of the call for tenders – was to propose another type of solution. The ROV used is indeed distinguished by its compactness. Weighing less than 200 kg, with an adjustable payload of 18 to 40 kg, it can be moved and loaded more easily, with a significant impact on the overall cost of operations.

ROV de bathymétrie grands fonds

Copetech-SM is based in Marseille. It has specialized in hydrographic surveys and ROV inspections for over 15 years, primarily in the submarine cable sector and the offshore oil industry.
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