It happened in 2021

Lots happened in 2021

This year, many people came into different services at Cadden:

  • Delphine – Communication Manager;
  • Valentine – R&D Software Developer;
  • Hugo – Electronics Engineer;
  • Willy – Apprentice Engineer;
  • Gwendal – Business Alternation.
Nouveaux salariés Cadden en 2021

New products

Dolphin 1 Lifebuoy

Designed to rescue people in distress, the Dolphin 1 remote lifebuoy deploys by a single person in all aquatic and marine environments.


The new version of the BALI bathymetry is equipped with additional features while remaining accessible to all. Simple to use and easy to install, BALI is a single- or bi-frequency bathymetric sounder holding on a single cane clinging to any type of marine craft.

Lidar Hesai

The Lidars Hesai range offers Lidar solutions for dynamic and static measurements thanks to the multiple laser beams (16 to 128 beams).

MarineNav ROV

The MarineNav supplier’s underwater drones (or “OCS”) are easy to transport and implement in a variety of missions: underwater inspection, surveillance and scientific research.

New options for USV200

Winch for AML-3 AML Oceanographic Probe

Thanks to the MECASTYLE and Ricoh companies, the USV200 winch has seen its design improved to accommodate the AML-3 multiparameter oceanographic probe. It contains a system for locking, releasing and retrieving the probe and is used in addition to the bathymetry. Read the full case study on the topic on the RICOH website.

Treuil pour drone marin USV200 GEOD

Launch trolley

The new launch trolley facilitates the implementation of the USV200 aquatic drone. This new option improves user comfort during hydrographic and bathymetric surveys.

Return of face-to-face exhibitions

The events were all turned upside down by the health situation and the second half of 2021 allowed us to return to face-to-face for some fairs: 9th Summer Universities of Geometers-Experts, SIDO and Congress of Firefighters.

Our products traveled around the world

During the year, several of the solutions proposed by Cadden travelled around the world; the BANANAS were seen at the Panama Canal and in Brest on the boat «Le Monge». As for the Dolphin and the SL 40, we could see them in Germany on the stand of the Port of Hamburg at ITS World Congress.

Panama Canal
Le Monge, Brest (France)
Port of Hambourg (Germany)
Port of Hambourg (Germany)
Panama Canal
Le Monge, Brest (France)

BALI certified by the Shom

In 2020 the Shom issued the need to equip itself with light hydrographic systems and chose Cadden for the supply of this equipment. BALI (BAthymetry Light) has seduced with its functionalities adapted to novice users.

Sharing experience in clubs

In 2021, Cadden joined two clubs to share its experience with members.

First of all, the International Ouest Club (IOC), the largest export club in France, to share the Cadden experience with Ligerian members and developers our international network. Watch the video of Gilles Dandec, founder and CEO of Cadden.

And then the EMC2 Pole, the European competitiveness pole of manufacturing technologies, a true ecosystem with multi-application research and industrial. Cadden has also joined the Plug IN program, a device driven by the EMC2 Pole and in partnership with the CCI Nantes St-Nazaire. Initiated by Nantes Métropole and Saint-Nazaire and agglomeration, the Plug IN program brings together the region’s digital industries and businesses to support them in their digital transformation. Plug IN is a.

Redesign of the website

At the beginning of the year, the Cadden website was completely redesigned to match the company’s new graphic design. With the fields and technologies highlighted, navigation is clearer and more fluid.

The design was carried out by the design agency Synapse and the development by the development agency Pandarea.

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